Links - Non Affiliated Stuff


Why your club should affiliate!


Newburn Activity Centre

Whickham Bridge Club

Golding Bridge Club

Duplicate Bridge - Assisted Play.

Has its own website.

The Gosforth Club now has website.


Please remember that if you attend non-affiliated clubs,
the established rules and ethics of Duplicate Bridge cannot be guaranteed.

Below is a list of NON-AFFILIATED bridge clubs in our region.
It was compiled over many months by the NEBA secretary Mary Page.

We include this list on the NEBA website as a courtesy to the committees of these clubs -
and in the hope that the clubs will make the small step to join the main bridge club community in our area
by affilliating to North Eastern Bridge Association (NEBA)

For further information on how to affiliate to the county association, contact our Chairman Liz Muir

Regular players at any of these clubs would be warmly welcomed at all of the NEBA clubs listed