Council Minutes for 10th Dec. 2014





Present: Val Gibson (Chair), Liz Muir (Vice Chair) Mary Page (Secretary), Ann Caygill (M.P. Secretary), Brian Pacey (TS), Anne Bell (TS) Elaine Purvis (TS),Dick Davies (Morpeth), Dave Dansie (Ryton) John Dobson (Bishop Auckland), Steve Reynolds (Whitley Bay), Jocelyn Gordon (Hexham)

Guest visitor – Darren Evetts, Chairman of Counties Working Group for the EBU.

1. Apologies: Steve Ray, David & Gill Gold, Sue Caygill, David Joy, Brian Hooper, Gordon Cockburn, St Georges BC.

2.. Minutes of Council Meeting held on 11th September 2014

Brian Pacey proposed and Ann Caygill seconded that they be accepted as an accurate record.

3. Matters Arising:

* Congress Secretary was not available to discuss final figures for the Congress. Matter to be raised at next meeting. Members advised some complaints had been received re long queue for meal on Sunday and long delay in obtaining vegetarian option – both points noted for discussion with the Marriott for next year.

* Chairman advised NEBA had sold their shares in St Georges to Darlington BC .

* Secretary raised the issue of Posters which had been forwarded to all the clubs for promoting NEBA and newcomers to the game. Unfortunately too few council members were at the meeting to report on this matter. Anne Bell from Cramlington BC confirmed posters had been distributed as requested.

4. Non Affiliated Clubs:

* The NCWG are preparing a paper on this matter for submission to the EBU. The Secretary had prepared a list of non-affiliated clubs in our area, for inclusion in this paper and Darren had been invited by our Chair to the meeting to outline the EBU’s policy on this matter.

Darren advised that at the moment the EBU have not formed an official policy but as outlined in their brochure “Bidding for the future 2013-2018” they are looking at this issue very carefully and assessing County views and a policy will be in place by 2018.

In view of this, the Chairman proposed we contact the non-affiliated Clubs known to us to enquire if they wish to advertise their club on the NEBA website and include these clubs in our mail shots for NEBA direct entry events. With one exception the Council voted in favour of this proposal.

John Dobson from Bishop Auckland Club advised they currently include non-affiliated clubs in their monthly newsletter sent out to members.

Darren also advised it is within the EBU rules for Counties to include non-affiliated clubs in their Inter Club League. Obviously they would have to start in the bottom division but it would be a good way of introducing non-members to playing under EBU guidelines.

Darren also advised in his own County (West Midlands) they are playing “Cafe Bridge” which is a very social game of bridge where you can pop in and have a few hands of bridge, glass of wine or lunch. This has proved very popular.

5. E.B.U. Matters Arising:

* Darren advised the below mentioned topics are currently being discussed by the NWG and he would greatly appreciate any feedback from members with regard to these points.

1. Topic A - Improving the relationship between the EBU/Counties and unaffiliated clubs.

2. Topic B - Developing a Value Proposition and a Progression Strategy for Players at all levels

that revitalises our membership.

3. Topic C - Structuring, staffing and motivating the volunteer workforce that we depend on at National and County level.

* Teaching Bridge:

Simon Barb, Education and Development Manager, EBED, has contacted our Chairman with a view to running a training course to develop bridge teachers in the North East as part of their Club teacher programme – for which each EBU-affiliated club is able to nominate one person at concessionary rates (currently free.) It was agreed that Clubs would be contacted to see if anyone is interested – the course would need about a dozen delegates to make it viable.

* Youth Bridge:

Simon has also asked whether any member would be interested in taking on the position of County Youth officer and would be prepared to investigate bringing bridge into the schools in the North East area. The Chairman will make enquiries.

6. A.O.B:

* Brian Pacey advised trophies are missing for Division “C” and “D” – does anyone know where these are? Brian will have the rest of the trophies together with the Deane Salver engraved.

* Brian also pointed out he will need to revise the rules again as he had received a complaint that a particular club did not have convention cards for a match. Also to remind team captains it is the home teams’ responsibility to report the results, and to ensure league management system is updated after every match.

7. Date of Next Meeting: 17th March 2015 at Darlington – 7 pm.

As no other business meeting closed at 9.30 pm