Council Minutes - 17th March. 2011


Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting held at Newcastle on Thursday 17th March 2011 at 19:15

Present   K Spragg (Chair), J McCourt (Secretary),  I Rankin (Chief Tournament Secretary),  S Caygill (Treasurer), 
A Caygill (Vice Chair and MP Secretary), C Owen (Selector),  B Spragg(Hartlepool), M Owen (Hurworth), Chris Smith (Newcastle), 
Mary Page (Brunton), Phil Jackson (Tynemouth/Whitley Bay), Peter Dodds (Cramlington)

11 Apologies


That the  apologies for absence from B Godfrey, C Longley, M Craig, A Kemp, P Whitton, D Joy, L Reese and J Gordon be received and accepted

12 Council Minutes


That the Minutes of the meeting of the NEBA Council Meeting held on 19th November be agreed as a true record.


Minute (3) The Kempson Cup Finals are to be held at St Georges on 9 April 2011 starting at noon. The date for the final of the Kempson Plate has still to be arranged.

Minute (3) Liz Reese has contacted Yorkshire and they have agreed to allow NEBA clubs to enter one of their Thursday Night Simultaneous Pairs in the Autumn

Minute (5). The Secretary had received the entry forms for the Presidents Cup and has asked the selectors if they want to raise a team for this event which is being held at Sheffield during July.

13 Executive Minutes

The draft minutes of the NEBA Executive Meeting of the 3rd March 2011 2010 were tabled.

14 Changes to NEBA Constitution


The Secretary reported that the NEBA Constitution adopted at the 2010 NEBA AGM had been based upon the EBU model constitution for County Bridge Associations.  In order to meet EBU requirements this amended constitution should have been accepted by the EBU before the NEBA adopted it. In order to rectify this omission the Secretary sent a copy of our Constitution to the EBU and they have asked for a number of minor alterations to be made to it. 


That the NEBA Constitution be amended as agreed at the meeting and passed to the EBU for acceptance. The Amended Constitution then to be put to the 2011 AGM for adoption.

Note: The only EBU suggested amendment rejected by the Council was a paragraph that laid out how the NEBA should elect its representative on the soon to be formed EBU Regional Club Committee. The Council thought this was not a matter that should be in the Constitution

15 NEBA Competitions – Attracting More Entries


The Council considered the report on NEBA Competitions prepared by the Executive Committee and made various changes to it.

A list showing the number of tables taking part in NEBA Events for 2003 – 2010 was circulated.


That the Amended report be sent to Club Secretaries, displayed on the NEBA Web Site and members asked for their comments on it. These comments will be considered at the next Council Meeting when changes to the NEBA programme for 2011/12 could be made

16 Items Raised by Clubs


Bishop Auckland asked about District and County Status nights.

The Secretary had spoken to the EBU earlier that day and he was informed that the concept of District Status had been abolished. Further information on County Status nights will be available before the next Council Meeting


Various Members had enquired about the time taken to show Master Points for NEBA events on the results pages and also the time taken to register them with the EBU.  The MP Secretary acknowledged there had been a problem with this since the introduction of P2P and was discussing the matter with the Chief Tournament Director to see how this process can be improved.

17 Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 13th June 20011. It will be held at St Georges starting at 19.15h

There being no further business, the Chair thanked Newcastle Bridge Club for their hospitality and closed the meeting at 21:10h