Council Minutes - 11th February 2010


Minutes of the Meeting of the Council Meeting  held at Durham  on Wednesday 11th February 2010 at 19:00

Present   K Spragg, A Caygill,  S Caygill, J McCourt, B Godfrey, I Rankin, A Hauxwell, D Latner, F Aitken, B Hooper, P Sykes,
B Spragg, M Owen,

11 Apologies


That the  apologies for absence from B Pacey, J Gordon, A Kemp, C Smith, G Grant, N Meheta, F Dalton, D Bryson, C Longley be received and accepted.

12 Minutes


That the Minutes of the meeting of the NEBA Council Meeting held  on  14th October 2009  May  be accepted.

There were no matters arising

13 Executive Minutes


The  Minutes of the NEBA Executive Meeting of the 15th November 2009 were tabled

The draft minutes of the NEBA Executive Meeting of the 20th January 2010 were tabled

14 Allocation of District Status Nights


The proposal of the Executive to allocate thes nights by ballot, if they were oversubscribed, is unacceptable and the Executive should produce an alternative method of allocating these.

15 Congress Review


 The congress was a success apart from problems in the Dining Room. As a result of these problems a small refund will made to people  who used the Dining Room

16 Draft Calendar 2010/2011


The Draft Calendar be circulated to clubs with any comments being returned to Secretary by 31st March 2010

17 NEBA Diamond Anniversary


 No interest was expressed in running a special event to mark this anniversary. It was suggested the annual Congress be marketed as the Diamond Anniversary Congress

18 Items Raised by Clubs


Chris Owen and John Atthey had been selected to play for England in the Junior  Camrose. The meeting congratulated them on this achievement.

St Georges run term-time Saturday Morning sessions for Juniors

19 Frequency of Meetings


The Executive recommendation to reduce the number of statutory meetings required by the constitution be accepted, as the increased use of the Web site and e-mail has greatly improved communications between the Executive, members  and clubs.

20 Next Meeting

The next meeting will be arranged after the AGM. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21:00