Conventions - RKCB


When a trump fit has been agreed, instead of asking for aces as in traditional Blackwood, with
Roman Key Card Blackwood you ask for key cards which are the four aces and the king of trumps.

1S - - 2H
4NT - This jump fixes the trump suit as hearts so 4 NT is RKCB!

If during the auction NO trump fit has been established, use traditional Blackwood e.g.
1S -
- 2H
3NT - 4NT


Assuming that spades have been agreed as the trump suit




0 or 3 Key Cards

5D asks for trump queen

5H = No.
5S = Yes


1 or 4 Key Cards

5H asks for trump queen

5S = No.
5NT = Yes


2 Key Cards
without the trump queen

4NT asks for other kings


2 Key Cards
with the trump queen

4NT asks for other kings


If the reply to 4NT is 5C or 5D, the 4NT asker can now now ask about the queen of trumps.
by bidding will next suit up (exluding trumps which would be a sign off).

If it is NOT held, the responder must simply bid the next suit.
If it IS held then the responder must bid one step higher.

5NT would ask for kings but obviously do not show king of trumps (as you will have already shown it).