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In the early 1970s the Brunton Park Townswomen’s Guild, helped by the Council, formed a Bridge class.
The Council paid the rent for the Community Centre and provided a teacher. That teacher was Mrs Rene Golding, a County player, President of Brunton Bridge Club, “Friend of North Eastern Bridge” and also an excellent teacher. She made the classes really interesting and spent hours devising difficult hands for the class to tackle. Everyone progressed well. A few years later the Council decided to not to fund class venues where rent had to be paid. Mrs Golding decided to change the class into a Club with herself very much in charge. She was the real matriarch of the Club but much admired by the members.


The Bridge Club flourished and nearly always had a waiting list of people wanting to join. Rene played with various members of the Club, was a very patient partner, and it was only on very rare occasions would she use the phrase “Are we playing Tiddleywinks?”


Unfortunately, Mrs Golding’s sight deteriorated and just past her 90th birthday she had to give up playing Bridge. The Club continued for some time with a temporary committee. Mrs Golding died in October 1995. A Memorial Service, held in St Aidan’s Church on 13 November, was well attended by the Bridge Community in the area. Following Rene’s death, a formal Committee was formed and it was agreed that the Club should be called “The Golding Bridge Club” as a tribute to the founder. In 1997 it was agreed that a Salver should be obtained in memory of Mrs Golding and would be played for each year in November (the anniversary of her birthday).


Although there are now only 2 of the original members still attending the club, it continues to be very popular. Mrs Golding would be proud to see her efforts are still being appreciated in the 21st Century.